UMS-1 uClaw Mic or Music Stand Universal Holder for Most Phones and Tablets

Quick Overview

If you are a musician, presenter, or performer who uses an iPad, iPhone, or other smart device of just about any kind while performing, you need the Talent uClaw clamp-on universal holder. Talent's uClaw offers nearly unlimited adjustability, and can mount directly onto a microphone stand or other surface up to 1" thick.

Product Highlights

• Secures your tablet or smartphone to a stand or desk up to 1" thick
• Dual-mode claws fold in or out to accommodate LOTS of different devices
• Minimum device width 3.5"; maximum width 9.17"
• Also excellent for workout equipment
• Clamp-on assembly is removable for direct stand attachment
• Makes a great headrest mount for your vehicle

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UMS-1 Mic or Music Stand Universal Holder for most Phones and Tablets

Product Description


Today's performer is using more and more technology on stage every day. Tablets, smart phones, iPads, and other smart devices can be used to connect you with everything from set lists and lyrics to teleprompters and sheet music, even lighting and mixing consoles. Not to mention live streaming services like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and all that sort of thing. All you need is a reliable way to mount the screen, freeing up your hands to do what you do. One word: uClaw.

Talent's uClaw universal music stand mount is a super-versatile mount for most smart phones and tablet devices. Featuring unique, adjustable, two-position fold-out claws, this mount will securely hold your phone or tablet in place on a music stand, microphone stand, desk, or other surface (up to 1" thick) without scratching or marring your device, or the object to which it's mounted.

Adjustability is the hallmark of the uClaw. By employing a 6.3" aluminum extension and several different joints, the uClaw allows for almost infinite adjustability. And with the unique fold-out adjustable clamping claw system, the uClaw will hold most smart phones and tablets, with an incredible range from 3.5" up to 9.17". So you can use the uClaw with almost any modern device, in portrait or landscape orientation, and enjoy multi-angle adjustment to hold the screen wherever you need it. You can also remove the C-clamp and extension to mount the uClaw directly to a 5/8" threaded microphone stand while retaining ±5° tilt and 360° rotation adjustment ability.

The uClaw will hold virtually any modern smart device, from the typical iPhone-sized phone to larger "phablet" devices like the Samsung Note. Tablets ranging from mini-sized iPads, 7" mid-sized readers like the Amazon Fire or Google Nexus 7, right on up to the behemoth 12" iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface can be accommodated. Maximum device thickness is 8mm. In the images above, you can see the uClaw holding an iPhone 6S, a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, a Samsung Galaxy Tab E, and an iPad Pro 12.9" tablet.

NOTE: The Talent uClaw does not include any stands, microphones, or smart devices.


Additional Information

Manufacturer's Part Number UMS-1
UPC 848864035918